Monday, June 22, 2015

FREEDOM TO DIE by Dr. Nirmal Gyawali

Script: Nepali
Publication: Book Hill
Released year: 2015
By Girish Subedi

“डर त्यो मान्छेमा हुन्छ जो मृत्यु देखि भाग्छ । जब मान्छेले मृत्युलाई नै जित्छ तब उसलाई यो भागम्-भागको दौड दौडन कुनै गाह्रो हुँदैन ।”

Based upon the Nepalese diaspora who are living a ‘grey collar’ lifestyle abroad, the book has been claimed by the writer to be an unsung songs of such individuals who are pursuing their dreams to achieve their individual goals in life.

Consisting of 23 chapters, the storyline depicts a protagonist named Khusi Sharma, who is a 25-year-old journalist who begins the story with a first person narrative. In the first chapter, the story’s setting unveils the meaning of the title of the book itself.

This book is the outcome of the writer’s ten years of blogging with his writings. He is currently the chief technology officer of Sydney IT Company in Australia. A graduate in medicine; post graduate in communications technology and sociology, Gyewali officially enters the Nepalese literary scenario with this book for the first time. The writer is also known for his articles based upon communication technology published in several international and national magazines at times. 

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